Who are we? Well, we are a church.

We are a church that takes seriously Jesus' command to love God and love one another. We're not perfect, we get things wrong but we try, we forgive, we pray, we hope and we welcome. 

We are a new church but we stand on the solid foundation of 2000 years of church history. We affirm the faith that has been handed down through the ages;

- God is one God in three persons. What we call The Trinity. God is loving relationship and invites humanity to be drawn into that loving relationship. 

- Jesus is eternally God and was God in the flesh on earth. God in Jesus shows us what humanity should be like. Jesus died and rose again, defeating death and ushering in a new way of living. 

- The Holy Spirit is the comforter and guide who helps us and renews us day by day - to form us into the image of God.

- All of humanity is made in the image of God and yet in equal measure falls short. We all need God and God desires to be in relationship with us.

- Jesus Christ is the final authority on all matters regarding faith and practice, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures (the Bible).


What do we mean by affirming and inclusive? We are a church that welcomes people whether they are LBGT+ or straight, employed or unemployed, have never been married or have been married 5 times, Andover born and bred or from somewhere else, vote in every election or have never voted in your life...you get the picture. You are welcome. 

When and where do you meet?


Our home is at the Picket Twenty Community Centre. Meeting times on the homepage of the website.


Picket Twenty Church plant is led by Revd. Andy Fitchet who is an ordained Baptist Minister and Authorised Presbyter in the Methodist Church. 

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